Most of us look back from a December perspective and take stock of how we did in the past 12 months. Did we meet the goals we set for ourselves last December? Did we do something to make a positive difference? What are those things we planned to do but didn’t or couldn’t in this economically-challenging climate?

From my point of view, I wrap up 2011 with excitement for the many ways my colleagues and clients creatively told their stories of success and innovation, even when budgets were tightened. I’ve helped facilitate and lead conference events around the world to see how other companies are finding creative ways to tap into new ideas and products this past year, and I’ll be doing even more of that in 2012.

How about you? What are you doing in your innovation endeavors this coming year? I’m especially excited and inspired to see the many corporations and entrepreneurs coming together to find ways to solve tough problems in our world, like hunger, clean drinking water, lack of educational resources in developing nations and health issues that stem from a basic lack of hygiene.

I hope you’ve enjoyed skimming this blog and have found some inspirational and informative news that you can use to unleash your own innovation plans.

May you, your families and your colleagues and friends enjoy the New Year!

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