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I’ve had laptops and phones that can keep a charge for a long time, and then there are the ones that started out powerful but lost longevity over time. We all plug in our gadgets, but I leaving them plugged in can decrease the battery’s lifespan, and we’ve all learned that the hard way. I came across an energy saver called the Conserve Socket that automatically cuts off power after a predetermined amount of time.

Many electronics companies including Apple recommend you unplug your laptop when it’s fully charged. But if you charge overnight, that’s not easy to do. The socket timers like the Belkin Conserve Socket is relatively inexpensive at only $10. You can plug your device in and set it to shut off after a half hour, or 10 hours if you want. The socket saver will charge your gadget up and cut the power when it’s done so you don’t kill the battery.

Belkin has a number of timers and surge protectors, but for this low price you may want to stock up on some stocking stuffers.

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