This week I’m in Shanghai, China, for the  2012 CoDev Asia Conference The final session of Open Innovation Best Practices wrapped up yesterday, and I’m excited to announce it was both productive and inspiring.  My company, Innovationedge, coordinated and sponsored the event along with The China Institute for Innovation and The Management Roundtable.  As this year’s conference chair, I did a lively presentation  on open innovation learning and next generation practices.

This event brought together a faculty of leading thought leaders, experts and advanced practitioners from companies including Kraft Foods, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Dow Chemical, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, PGI, WD-40 Company, Asia Pulp & Paper, and more. These leaders shared their experiences and candid insights on the latest trends, what’s working, what’s not, as well as the future direction of co-development and open innovation strategies.  Many of these leaders are achieving faster results than they had in the past, thanks to partnering with like-minded companies who have similar goals for growth and for meeting the needs of their customers.
I want to thank all of them for helping our attendees learn how to better build capabilities and networks to create business value.  We all learned from each other how to identify and implement new practices, tools and even key open business models to leverage in our own efforts.

And if you missed this conference and are looking for an opportunity to learn more in a venue closer to home, I highly recommend you join us for CoDev 2013: Open Innovation in La Jolla!

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