(Appleton, Wis.) June 1, 2007 — Cheryl Perkins, Founder and President of Innovationedge and former Chief Innovation Officer for Kimberly-Clark, is creating new strategic business opportunities for companies seeking a competitive advantage in delivering disruptive solutions.

As a thought leader in innovation and a creative catalyst in brand-building initiatives, Perkins brings her expertise to Innovationedge, a strategic innovation company she founded to lead companies to identify and transform insights, designs, technologies and capabilities into total solutions and new-to-the-world innovations.

Innovationedge is committed to giving clients the power of knowledge so they can be self-sufficient in applying innovation to improve the performance of their portfolios,” says Perkins, President of Innovationedge. “Through a patented holistic innovation model, Innovationedge helps executives define their strategy, develop strategic capabilities, design a winning org structure and deliver breakthrough innovations through a robust growth pipeline.”

Additionally, the Innovationedge model gives inventors an edge by crafting winning business plans and aligning strategic corporate partnerships for commercialization.“Innovationedge gives those shaping today’s corporate innovation the ability to rethink their business processes and re-align their culture of innovation,” Perkins says. “We see our role as building and transferring strategic innovation to our clients and facilitating their use of creative and design tools to continuously improve their thought leadership and market performance.”

About Innovationedge:

Innovationedge is breaking barriers to help companies achieve innovation capabilities and a growth pipeline. Its new interactive web site and blog, www.Innovationedge.com, serves up insightful answers, tips, a calendar of innovation events and career growth opportunities.

Among its many offerings, Innovationedge helps its industry-diverse clientele assess innovation capabilities and pipeline, create an innovation roadmap, build successful open innovation models, deliver disruptive product and technologies solutions, streamline portfolio management and metrics, realign business processes and create a culture that delivers innovation.Perkins has assembled an Innovationedge team with industry-specific expertise to align breakthrough innovation processes and practices to the strategic business goals of each client.

About Cheryl Perkins:

Business Week magazine named Cheryl Perkins a Top 25 Champions of Innovation. Consumer Goods Technology magazine recognized her as a top executive driving vision within the consumer goods industry (Visionaries 2006).

In addition to organizing Innovation seminars and roundtable discussions, Perkins is a passionate speaker who has inspired audiences all over the world.With over 20 years experience directing growth and innovation, Perkins most recently served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer for Kimberly-Clark. She ran the company’s innovation and enterprise growth organizations, including research and development, engineering, design, new business, global strategic alliances, environment, safety and regulatory affairs, and innovation processes, systems and tools. She has eight U.S. Patents and several more pending.

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