Do you know how to deploy open innovation at your company? Do you know what leading companies have done to establish successful open innovation efforts? Cheryl Perkins and Innovationedge will team up with Mike Docherty of Venture2 to present this exciting Webinar series on Open Innovation. Join us online for our introductory presentation October 11  (11 a.m. Pacific Time; 2 p.m. Eastern Time) for this one-hour interactive seminar.By attending you will:

  • Learn the basic elements of Open Innovation and how it leads to sustainable growth through disruptive new ideas and products.
  • Increase your awareness of critical open innovation elements through multiple experiences, creating value for the targeted customers
  • Discover how to design and implement open innovation at your company
  • Be able to define for your company the benefits that open innovation can bring

 To register, log in at the Pure Insight Webinar page.   An Internet connection with a browser is required for the visual presentation. For the audio component, a separate phone line is required (toll-free numbers are made available for most countries).

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