The very nature of innovation demands all those involved to constantly be on the look out for the next big thing. But how do you identify it? How do you know it’s not just a fad? How can you ensure that innovation is at the heart of your corporate values?

Those are some of the questions I’ll be answering in a few days when I present at the Indira India Summit in Mumbai. The Indira India Innovation Summit is presented by the Indira College of Engineering and Management (ICEM), Pune.

ICEM has one of the finest infrastructures in the region, with the residential campus spread over 20 acres and comprising of modern hi-tech laboratories in a wi-fi computing environment. The learning philosophy of ICEM has a strong emphasis on application oriented learning, with an attempt to inculcate innovative thinking among the aspiring engineers of tomorrow.

The Indira India Innovation Summit exposes academia to the world’s leading-edge innovation practices and to create a platform for intellectual exchange of ideas, which would drive future innovation in Industry.
My topic is about fostering and promoting a culture of innovation to drive revenue and growth. Companies want to know how to deliver high impact, sustained innovation that successfully capitalizes on new markets and consumer expectations. I’m very excited to share the principles that cutting-edge leaders use to develop a culture of innovation.

I’ll also be focusing on another favorite area of mine: how to develop an Open Innovation platform for knowledge-sharing. India is one of those nations whose business leaders have a lot of great ideas for partnerships, and there is so much potential for future collaboration that global corporations haven’t yet tapped.

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