We’ve been doing some spring remodeling here at Innovationedge, and I think you’ll like the fresh upgrades. Take a look around and check out the addition of more resources and easy-to-use navigation to help you find what you need!

Our team has been tirelessly working to provide even more of the content and capability today’s innovation leaders can put into practice immediately. We’ve also partnered with others to provide top-notch innovation tools that you can’t do without in today’s global landscape.

Now that the legwork is done and the new site is launched, I have more time to Blog about the up-and-coming trends and tips to stay on top of the latest news and events throughout our industry. And I’m particularly excited as “launch day” draws near for the new book, Conquering Innovation Fatigue that I co-wrote with Jeff Lindsay and Mukund Karanjikar. I’ll write more about the book and the extremely positive responses we’re getting in the days ahead. You can pre-order here, and look for your copy to arrive in July.

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