“The Internet is supposed to be all about freedom and choice—yet here comes Steve Jobs with an Internet that is a completely closed system. Apple not only sells you the device, but also operates the only store on the planet that sells software for it.” Newsweek

For all its coolness, the iPad  is making for some interesting discussion about what the future holds for computing. A Newsweek article out last week promises the purse-sized computer will transform the way we use the Internet and herald in a new era of computing. I myself would love to have one, as I’ve seen how the intuitive touch screen will probably change my expectation by raising the bar on what I want my computer to do.

The Newsweek article also predicts a time when we will all have a persistent online connection along with a 24/7 link to whatever impulse purchases we’re inclined to make. “The iPad could eventually become your TV, your newspaper, and your bookshelf,” the author predicts. Or warns. Click here to read the article. Do you agree?

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