Ask any student if they’d rather learn their lessons through online interactive tools or via a classroom lecture with textbooks, and you can imagine which method will overwhelmingly win out.  Even a first-grader will tell you how they learn with computers and even handheld gameshow-like remotes and interactive white boards that help them participate during a visual presentation.

New ways of preparing students for modern society are constantly evolving. As conventional lectures and dry textbooks are giving way to interactive digital content, the options for electronic learning are increasing rapidly. From e-books to online video lectures, learning is becoming more fun and practical for everyone.

Today’s generation tends to think in more “web-like” or tangentially-connected ways. Universities have slowly recognized this and created more web-oriented curricula and content where technology is leveraged to increase student engagement and understanding.

In my next blog post I will share some exciting ways the college landscape is changing for students!

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