Thanks to our phones, we’re becoming tightly drawn together as a global society. With half a billion users on Facebook and nearly as many on Twitter, our humanity and the way we connect is undergoing a seismic shift.

Some predict that Google and Bing will no longer be our favorite search engine sites. Instead Twitter will become the go-to search engine of choice. In face I find that I can find exactly what I’m looking for by searching trending topics there. Often, I do my searching via cellphone.

I notice in my own blog’s analytics that quite a bit of traffic comes from social media promotion. If you are popular in the world of social media, your blogs and your articles will get read, and product sales from your websites will soar.

Smartphones used to be for the affluent users a few years ago, but now even pay as you go smartphones can get you surfing online in a few clicks. Phone prices are decreasing, and many living in third world nations often will own a cellphone even if they don’t have adequate shelter or food.

Smartphones seem to be getting smarter by the week, as new and improved connectivity applications are released. As for multimedia functions, most phones now have built in cameras which can shoot video and stills up-loadable in seconds to whatever social media site you enjoy.

No wonder these videos and stills have the potential of going viral as millions of people share, retweet and like. How are you using your phone to network and share?

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