How can you increase your online buzz by 200 percent? Crank up your social media AND your color!

It worked for Pepto Bismol. The digestive relief medicine’s TV and print budget was drastically slashed this year, so that a new social media effort could attempt to do what the Old Spice brand did with its “Smell Like A Man” campaign.

Up until last summer Procter& Gamble spent up to 90 percent of its ad spending on traditional media, but in July the company dropped that to 10 percent to spend the bulk on digital media. You’ve probably seen the innovative ads on Facebook and web videos. The star of these ads is the actor from last year’s hit film The Hangover, and features the actor sitting inside a large stomach bringing the Pepto relief via a vibrant pink spray.

In addition to the familiar pink tonic, the ads touch on something most of us are familiar with this time of year:


The results have been comforting for P & G with increased sales and volume that the company hasn’t seen in years.

The indulgence theme doesn’t end after the holidays. The company says it will continue its social media campaign until well into 2011. Stay tuned!

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