How does one “go green” with only 420 square feet of living space? The founder of and VP of Interactive Media at Discovery’s Planet Green is getting media attention this week for engaging hundreds of thousands of people in a contest that resulted in some truly innovative architectural solutions.

Graham Hill launched the contest back in October and promised entrants that he not only would pay for the winning design, he’d live in it.  The public was asked to design a fully functioning living space in a tiny New York apartment, complete with room for a sit-down dinner for a dozen people, space for two guests, a home office, a hideable kitchen and a bed, shower and bike storage.

Hill says he wanted consumers to think about how much we really need in terms of space and stuff. The contest was designed to inspire architects and others to think environmentally by reducing their eco-footprint. Hill received 304 submissions, 600,000 entry views and thousands of comments on his website.

The winner’s design is titled, One Size Fits All. Check it out, along with the photos from the runners up here.

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