Sponsored jointly by Innovationedge and The Management Roundtable, the Sustainable Innovation Summit was developed to address the unique issues facing the food & beverage industry. The excusive event will serve as an executive forum to challenge current thinking and approaches, set the stage for new trends in sustainable innovation and create a senior level networking community for ongoing support and dialogue.

Join the Innovationedge team in partnership with The Management Roundtable in Chicago, IL from August 9-10 for the “Fostering and Leading a Culture of Innovation in the Food & Beverage Industry”.

Who Should Attend: Chief’s, VP’s, Directors, Heads, Senior Directors and Managers of Innovation, R&D, Product Development, Open Innovation, Customer Management, and Manufacturing

Why Attend?: The food and beverage industry is changing rapidly. The pressure to innovate and grow is as strong as ever, but competition is stronger than ever. Consumers are more demanding than ever, and regulatory pressures continue to increase on everything from food safety, packaging, sustainability, to long-term nutrition. The challenge for companies in the Food and Beverage is to innovate and grow in the face of ever increasing constraints.


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