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High above the soil and sod, a German company is building an aquaponic farm on the roof of an old malthouse in Berlin that will produce both vegetables and fish.

Rooftop farms are gaining in popularity in many areas of the world, and German company Frisch vom Dach is doing something that may lead to future innovation to feed the world–one rooftop at a time.

Constructed from an upcycled shipping containers, this farm also has a fish tank and attached greenhouse. It operates on a closed water cycle system, and the cool thing is that fish waste fertilizes the plants, and the plants purify the water.How is that for an eco-system?

Similar systems are popping up that produce both vegetables and fish, and operate within Germany’s sustainable aquaculture guidelines. The farm’s first harvest is coming early next year, and the company says it will sell its produce at its onsite shop as well as to local retailers.

Check out their website for more photos.

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