No driver ever wants to nod off on those long drives, and now a French company has come up with a handy take-along device that allows you to whip up a shot of hot espresso as you travel. The company, French Handpresso, have invented and launched the Handpresso Auto E.S.E., an espresso machine built specifically for use in automobiles. It’s part of a growing trend in the Food and Beverage industry that is seeing new innovations designed to help consumers get their quick coffee fix wherever they happen to be.

The Handpresso fits in a standard cup holder and runs electronically via any 12V cigarette lighter. Perhaps a passenger should be the one designated to add the water and coffee pod. But a driver could easily prepare the water receptacle and pod ahead of the trip, just for safety’s sake.The espresso brews in two minutes, and the device beeps when the beverage is ready to drink.The video below gives you an idea of how Handpresso Auto works:
(Notice the driver pulls over!)

The device sells for about $200, and is currently available in Europe.

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