Have you ever been injured while camping, playing sport, traveling, or during a busy holiday weekend? Anyone who has ever had to seek medical attention for a break or sprain knows how difficult it can be to find immediate relief in a busy emergency room waiting area.

Of course, professional medical treatment is important in emergencies. And a bad break requires a doctor’s care. But for those who can’t get to an emergency room quickly, this is a great option. Just as people can stop bleeding by dressing their own cuts with butterfly-style bandages, I’ve often thought that there ought to be a DIY-type cast that anyone, anywhere can use.

Now a Japanese company, Kinoshita Kogyo, has produced the Multiprotector, an inflatable device you can activate by blowing into a straw. The Multiprotector serves the same purpose as a plaster cast.


Courtesy of Kinoshita Kogyo

You can use it to stop bleeding or stabilize a sprain or broken bone, until you can get professional medical treatment. Doctors will tell you that it’s critical to immobilize the injured area as soon as possible so that you don’t make the injury worse or do permanent damage.

The Multiprotector is sold under the product name Air Gibbs Suiha, and is available in an arm-sized version priced at $47 (or $65 for the leg version).

I wonder if you will begin seeing this innovative cast alongside defibrillators and first aid kits?

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