CCTV camerasI’ve long said that there is no such thing as privacy. The more technologically advanced we become, the more we are watched. Some people think this is a good thing to combat the increasing threat of terrorism around the world.

But what if you could catch and avert a crime before it was carried out? One company, BRS Labs, has developed the “pre-crime” software and surveillance camera that can tell authorities if someone is a terrorist or a criminal before they even commit a crime.

The Texas-based company recently launched its AISight software which tells cameras what “normal” behavior is, so that the camera can detect suspicious behavior. It is being used in government buildings, train stations, tourist attractions, military bases, airports and other places that could be targets.

Once suspicious behavior is detected, a human security officer gets a text or other message alert.

The cameras are already being used in 12 San Francisco train stations, each with up to 22 cameras trained on the public at all times. The cameras can track up to 150 humans at once and can build up a “memory” of any suspicious behaviors detected.

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