How handy would this be for last-minute Christmas shopping?   QThru, a mobile-enabled technology that lets shoppers skip the checkout lanes, is new on the market this month. The Seattle-based maker launched its mobile point-of-sale platform, allowing consumers to shop, scan and check out using their smartphones. Right now you won’t find it anywhere outside of Seattle, probably due to the fact that each kiosk will cost the stores around $900.

Users can download the app for both Android and iOS. Then head to your favorite retailer to find that its products and pricing synchronized with a secure QThru cloud. You then input your credit card information, scan your barcodes and voila – you’re out the door!   Here’s a video showing how QThru works:

QThru is now planning to bring the service to 14 grocery and retail stores in the Seattle area by the end of March 2013. If successful, perhaps we’ll see more mobile checkouts by next December.

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