I’m excited to see the technological possibilities that open new doors for people with disabilities. In this case, a new smart wristwatch can alert people who are hard of hearing to the sounds around them.  The watch is from South Korea-based Moneual, and it’s called the SCS1000.

Here is the story from Springwise.com:

Showcased at the 2013 CES recently, the Smart Care System device is able to identify different noises being made in the vicinity of the wearer. When it detects a sound that needs to be responded to – whether a car horn, doorbell, oven timer or crying baby – the watch vibrates and displays a message on the screen.

The device could help make the lives of the deaf easier, while also helping them remain safe in potentially dangerous situations. Indeed, it also features an emergency function, which sends out a request to relevant services. The video below from DeafTechNews (presented in sign language) shows the SCS1000 in action:


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