Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 5.42.17 PMIt’s Friday, so here is an upbeat invention to share for those of you who might want to step away from your pet for a few hours this weekend: The Furbo Dog Camera. It’s a smart camera that lets you see, talk to, and even toss a treat to your dog while you are away.

I travel a lot myself, so imagine being able to make your pup feel loved whether you’re across town or halfway around the world!  This camera comes with night vision, so dog owners who work late can still see their furry friend.

The concept was developed in 2014 by Tomofun, an international tech startup founded in 2014 by Victor Chang and Steve Chang, Chairman of Trend Micro. Designers shared their brand story on their website:

We talked with over 5000 dog parents to get their input on product design, features, packaging, and everything in between. From the very beginning, Furbo was created for dogs by dog lovers. We’ve also worked closely with veterinarians and professional dog trainers to ensure Furbo is good for your dog. In truth, Furbo wasn’t just created by our team, it was created by a whole community of dogs parents that wanted the very best for our puppies.


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