As infection rates continue to remain high in healthcare facilities globally, placing patients and workers at great continued risk, there will be an increased demand for effective solutions to combat and control the spread of infectious pathogens throughout facilities.

 Innovationedge invites you to a one-time event:

“Panel discussion on Ultraviolet disinfection for  infection prevention, Healthcare opportunities and application trends”

Event Details:

Date: September 21, 2013 – 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Mirage Hotel – Las Vegas $125.00 per person
Event Type: Symposium
Ultraviolet based disinfection technologies have the potential to create cost effective products and solutions enabling new and improved germicidal interventions. Such approaches would sever key pathogen transmission pathways that cause the infections leading to lowered infection rates and cost containment.

As a result, the market for a range of ultraviolet-based pathogen reduction technologies could potential grow at a rapid pace to address the needs of infection prevention health professionals and hospital managers. Additionally, there could be opportunities for novel real-time monitoring techniques that would provide disinfection assurance data to infection prevention managers and hospital administrators helping them further improve operational efficiencies. Come hear these cutting-edge solutions!
The panel will address:
  • How should ultraviolet disinfection be used?
  • What off-the-shelf technology can be utilized today?
  • What new technology will this require to provide effective and creative solutions?
  • What market opportunities will this create?
  • What demonstration projects and user trials will be required for adoption?
  • What results should the infection prevention community expect from widespread ultraviolet technology use?
  • What level of cooperation is required among suppliers and IUVA members in order to promote adoption?
The panel of global experts in Ultraviolet Light and Infection Prevention will explore these issues and shed light on the potential of this important application area and its ramifications for lowering healthcare associated infection rates.

Make plans to attend this important discussion while you are attending the IUVA-IOA World Congress, September 22-26 in Las Vegas.  
See you in Las Vegas!
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