This Innovation tower being built in Hong Kong is remarkable. The building is almost finished, and will add extra space to the design school at Polytechnic University. The project is intended to help turn Hong Kong into a leading design hub in Asia, and I believe it will accomplish its goal.

Design42Day, a site that showcases innovation, describes it this way:

Captured2dThis nearly-completed building by Zaha Hadid is truly a stunning piece of architecture. The new building on the Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus looks as if it is leaning forward, which gives it such a prominent sense of motion. There is such a distinct flow to the shape of the building, which resembles a ship, in a way – like it was built to float on and cut through the surface of an ocean. The stacked layers of glass windows and awnings that jut out at seemingly sporadic intervals offer a playful quality to the structure, and add to the motion that the frame already possesses.

Check out even more photographs here.

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