I often peruse Springwise for its innovative news headlines, and caught this interesting piece the other day. It shows me how far robotics have come and where we are going to help those needing the use of their hands. Check out this fully-functional robot hand, which is 3D-printed and relatively inexpensive! It’s part of the UK’s Open Hand Project, and retails for under $1,000.


Photo credit: Springwise.com

Fully-functional robot hand is 3D-printed and won’t break the bank

Via Springwise:   Amputees going through the traditional routes for a replacement appendage either have to make do with hook systems developed in the 1940s or pay upwards of USD 10,000 if they want functionality or realistic-looking prosthetics. We’ve already seen Robohand develop an affordable, open-source prosthetics system, and now the UK’s Open Hand Project is doing something similar, with its 3D-printed, robotic hand that retails for under USD 1,000.

Having successfully surpassed its funding target on Indiegogo, the group is now working to distribute its first product, the Dextrus, a hand made of electric motors and cables that mimic the abilities of a real hand. Its affordability comes down to the fact that most of its parts are 3D-printed — allowing anyone to make alterations on the fly according to their needs — and the open-source nature of the project, which is releasing the device without a patent. The Dextrus uses electrodes to read signals from the remaining muscles in the user’s arm and features standard connectors to enable it to be attached to existing prostheses.

Read the rest and watch the amazing video here.

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