CaptureOur car’s plates can tell others a lot about us. But imagine the embarrassment of having your expired license plate exposed for the world to see!

Compliance Innovations, LLC is a Columbia, South Carolina-based company developing an Electronic Vehicle License Plate, which will allow the issuing agency or law enforcement the capability to change the status of the license plate, regardless of the vehicle location.  That means whenever the compliance status changes to expired or suspended, everyone on the highway or the mall parking lot will know.

The good news is that most of us don’t want that kind of embarrassment, so we will be even more motivated to keep tabs on our tabs and comply with  insurance and registration laws.  And even better news,  the interface with law enforcement will help provide a means to more quickly identify vehicles that are stolen, associated with serious violations or used in the commission of a crime. That should be a comforting thought, that motorists can instantly spot a car wanted in Amber Alert or other crime, and react accordingly to alert authorities.

Right now this technology, called eTags, is in prototype development. Says the company:

It can retain a digital image of the license number for over ten years using similar technology to that found in e-readers. The plate is powered by electricity collected from the vibrations of the car when it’s in motion, as well as an ultra-thin transparent solar panel overlayed on top of the plate. Being electronic, the plate can be updated remotely by the state DMV when a driver’s licence becomes invalid or if the car is reported as stolen.

What do you think of this innovative technology?

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