Fiber optics background with lots of light spotsHow do you integrate Open Innovation in companies? First, we have to realize that every business has its own culture, it’s own brand and its own “DNA” if you will. I’ve recently come back from CoDev2014, and shared some thoughts there. In the next few posts, I will pass along some of the insights I have gained in the many years that I have been chairing this important conference.

With our group of thought leaders and innovators from companies around the world, I shared my own leadership success stories of what worked and what didn’t in the journey of Open Innovation. Of course we all know that today’s challenges include a top-line growth imperative, tremendous pressure to produce true innovation that disrupts the marketplace and that speed-to-market. Add to this the increasing economic pressures companies face in this climate, and you’ve got for some real challenges.

As I’ve said so many times, this is not the time to put OI on the back burner, or to wait for a more opportune time. We have many opportunities before us to drive growth through a balanced portfolio of ideas and solutions. OI can help us leverage the capabilities, knowledge and experience that we may not have within our own corporate walls. And once again, there is a growing need to foster a culture of innovation that creates the competitive advantage we need to win. But that culture DOES need to come from your own facilities. And it needs to come from the top down.

Are you ready to get back in the game? I am excited to share more about our phenomenal event in the weeks ahead.



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