After seeing this bracelet, you may look at your checkbook or even your online billpay system as archaic and inconvenient.  Right now this bracelet appears to be in the imagination stage, but it’s sure to get the attention of a financial or tech corporation. Check out the design blog here.

“Triia” is shown as a secure payment bracelet, which acts like a wallet for your digital cash. In this scenario, your fingers tell the account what to do, and it will require users to learn a few easy movements.  Could this be the future of payments for everyone?

Check out the Triia video:

The inventor states on his website that the bracelet is secure in that it is a part of you and therefore more difficult to forget, lose or steal. You put money on the bracelet with your mobile phone or computer, and it uses the vein patterns around your wrist to identify you.

An interesting thought. Will it fly?

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