Imagine jump-starting your dead car battery – with your smartphone! JUNOJUMPR is one smartphone accessory in the form of a portable charger, that can also be used to jumpstart a car in the case of a breakdown.  It costs about  $70. Here’s more via the Auto Blog:

Image via Junopower

Image via Junopower

Since we carry and deal with more and more items that need batteries, we have to figure out better and mobile ways of charging those batteries – at least until John Galt arrives and shows us how to harness electricity from the air. In the meantime, the Jumpr from Juno Power is one of those chargers trying to make our lives easier by being able to both charge your small portable electronic devices as well as your car battery.

There’s a 6,000 mAh battery in that sky blue case, which Juno Power says is also good for a 12-volt boost at 300 amps. The company says it’s robust enough “to jumpstart almost all four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines,” but in case you’re wondering how 300 amps can run safely through those tender cables in the image above, it’s possible that Juno Power is playing casual with the meaning of “jumpstart;” elsewhere on the product page we’re told that the Jumpr ” is capable of jumping a completely dead car battery in minutes.” So it sounds like this is less of a jump for your car and more of a series of quick, restorative hops of electricity – or, in other words, something we call “charging.”   SOURCE



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