Adatao is offering a more comprehensive solution that lets business leaders and data scientists work together more easily by enabling businesses to use one single tool across the organization with real-time collaboration across departments:

The service is split into two layers — pAnalytics, which is designed for analysts, and pInsights, which lets anyone create interactive visuals based on data. The first uses Apache Hadoop datasets and an API to enable data scientists to put information into applications that are easier to understand for colleagues in other departments. Using pInsights, those employees can then build charts, data maps and interactive elements to help put the data into context. As well as enabling multiple users to collaborate on a single visual document at the same time, non-technical staff can also communicate with analysts through the same platform. pInsights users can find real-time data using natural language searches, but are able to consult with data scientists if they need help.

Check out this video to learn more:

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