FCS-graphic-LogoOne of the most important areas for Open Innovation in the last decade has been in the field of healthcare. Wholesale changes in the way Americans consume healthcare have greatly fragmented and complicated the external market and especially the back end of the business side. Today patients must navigate intricate networks of providers and multiple layers of administration that require much more open and engaging relationships in order to properly connect the value of healthcare to the end consumer.

At CoDev 2015, a special panel session has been compiled to bring together key representatives of the healthcare industry, including venture capital firms, to discuss how Corporations are reacting to broad changes, as individuals are taking more control of their health and looking for holistic, integrated solutions vs. a collection of individual products.

This panel session, entitled “Partnerships at the intersection of consumer health and traditional healthcare deliver value,” moderated by conference chair, Cheryl Perkins, will feature the following guest panelists:

  • Ben Wiegand, VP and Global Head of Innovation and New Business Models, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies
  • Ken McLellan, Global Partnerships Leader, R&D, The Clorox Company
  • Nina Kjellson, General Partner, Interwest Partners
  • Jim Glasheen, General Partner, Technology Partners

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