fenceStill sitting on the fence for CoDev 2015?  The priority code IE15 will get people a $200 discount.
CoDev is the longest running and most respected forum on the topic of Open Innovation.

Many participants attend year after year, bringing colleagues and recommending to others. New attendees wonder why they never came before. The reason? Aside from a top-notch, carefully vetted faculty and content, CoDev is an exciting event where you will meet many people and come away energized. But you won’t be lost in a huge crowd or overwhelmed by a confusing agenda. This is not a factory-produced event, it is crafted by an experienced team that is both subject knowledgeable and genuinely dedicated to its customers.

The CoDev experience is hard to describe in words, but we promise you will come away delighted — with new competitive insights, valuable contacts, and implementation guidance that far exceed the cost of attendance.
Get it when you sign up for our incredible conference! Register at http://www.codevpd.org/


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