By now I’ve traveled through so many time zones that jet lag is something that just is. most people who travel for work have their own strategy for getting through those early meetings in Hong Kong, or those long flights to Australia.

Now Airbus And Qatar Airways are debuting a carbon fiber plane that actually curbs jet lag:

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 7.45.41 AM“The design process was about optimization, pushing the constraints, and opening up the box of solutions,” Alain De Zotti, chief engineer of the A350 XWB program at Airbus, says. The manufacturer debuted the design in early 2015, but the first aircraft to land in the United States arrived courtesy of Qatar Airways last week. With the A350, De Zotti’s team devised ways that they hope make flying more energy-efficient, aerodynamic, and comfortable. On top of that, they had to ensure that the plane could be just as technologically sound today as at the end of its projected 30-year lifespan. With $15 billion worth of research and development under its belt, Airbus is hoping that its no-nonsense approach to design and engineering will help it best the competition—namely the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and 777 long-distance planes.

Check out the rest of the article and the images for this new plane here.

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