Fast Company has released its most innovative companies of 2016. What makes them innovative? It seems that no matter the size, the most innovative corporations have some common traits:Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.09.15 PM

When we think of innovative companies, our minds often head straight for the game-changers. The likes of Uber, Amazon and Netflix, for example, all deploy wildly innovative business models and their impact on their particular industries has been stupendous.

When examining the Fast Company’s list of the ‘Most Innovative Companies of 2016’, though, there is room for the established giants. Apple, Taco Bell and Facebook, to name just three, have refused to stop innovating and, as Fast Company put it themselves, do not let ‘size get in the way of acting like a startup.’ They mingle with relative newcomers in the 50-strong index and demonstrate that innovation is by no means limited to smaller companies. Such a list is eye-opening and offers more opportunities for duplication than a list of game-changing eureka moments. We took a look at the trends that link some very different companies together under the umbrella of ‘innovative’.

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