Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 8.50.27 AMFor the next two days, I will be engaged with many of you in a highly-productive, stimulating gathering of leaders and their teams, at the Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit (I&GL), April 25-26 in Chicago.There’s still time to join us!

We’re focusing on the most important leadership challenges facing Chief Innovation Officers, EVPs and VPs of Growth, Innovation, Product Development, R&D, Marketing, and Operations today.

Venn DiagramLearn from the front-runners and thought leaders – what strategies are most effective? How do you gain organizational alignment and buy-in? How do you balance risk with reward and make fact-based decisions to move swiftly? How do you ensure limited resources are directed to the highest growth opportunities? What capabilities do you need to execute flawlessly?

This one-of-a kind Summit has been shaped with the input of industry leaders to make a real impact. It will provide meaningful, actionable insights and implementation plans that ensure management and their teams come away on the same page, ready to move forward together.

But internal alignment is only half the story. No organization is an island, and ecosystems are complex. Growth requires swift and seamless collaboration – inside and out. How do you excel? The inaugural Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit will tell you and provide the tools, resources, peer network, and follow-on support to do it.

Starting with leadership to imagine and inspire, teams to use their ingenuity to integrate new ideas and processes, the intersection and net result is insight-driven impact.


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