Now that the weather is getting warmer in my (Wisconsin) neck of the woods, I’m finally seeing true signs of spring on our local golf courses: Players in their warm jackets, hats and gloves have been venturing out for a few weeks now. Soon they’ll be in shorts and and sunscreen like the rest of the nation, and perhaps they’ll order up a cool beverage via delivery drone. Springwise, an innovation site, reports that while we have already seen a hovercraft golf cart and tech-enabled, foldable golf kits, it’s going to get even more convenient:

Photo via SpringWise

Photo via SpringWise

Now, Japanese etailer Rakuten brings UAVs to the golfing world via Sora Raku, a drone-based delivery service for golfers.

From this month, players at the Camel Golf Course in Tokyo will be able to order equipment, snacks, beverages and more straight onto the golf course via the Sora Raku Android app. To begin, users simply download the app and log in using their Rakuten member ID. Then they place an order and pay with a credit card or Rakuten Super Points.


Once an order is received, staff at the nearby depot pack the order into a delivery box and load it onto the drone. Golfers receive a notification on the app, and the drone is sent to the nearest pickup point. Once it has landed, the drone automatically releases the goods and returns to the depot. Players pick up their supplies and continue their game with minimal disruption.

The service will be trialled at the Camel Golf Course, and if successful, expand to other golf courses. How else could drones be used to improve consumer sports?

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