Next week, hundreds of thousands of airplane geeks, from more than 70 countries will descend on Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, WI for the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) annual AirVenture. Billed as the “World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration®”, AirVenture 2016 will make the Oshkosh airport the busiest airfield in the world. More than 10,000 aircraft, from warbirds and aerobatic to vintage and ultralights, will be on hand July 25-31 for the 64th annual fly-in convention.

I am sure one of the topics that will be discussed will be Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs). An EFB is an electronic information management device that helps flight crews perform flight management tasks more easily and efficiently with less paper. Tablet computers from Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and other manufacturers configured with appropriate applications are being used by pilots and crew members.


While there is limited space in most cockpits, especially in the kind of airplanes found at EAA AirVenture, there are some accessories that can make using the tablet computer in the cockpit easier. One in particular is the Torchgrip® from a company called TecDriven, LLC. Torchgrip® is a handle and a stand accessory compatible with most of tablet computers in the market today. Torchgrip® provides a multi-angle stand in both portrait and landscape orientations. It offers single-handed portability, enhanced ergonomic control and 360° rotation. There are also some simple mounting options available.

Torchgrip® allows the crew member to comfortably hold the EFB with one hand and type or operate equipment with the other hand. Setting down or picking up the EFB is stress-free with Torchgrip® attached and reviewing or sharing information on the screen is easy. The tablet can be moved or passed around confidently and the handle is removable for easy storage.

EFBs are an exciting development in aviation, Torchgrip® can help make them readily available and easy to use for cockpit and flight deck operations. I hope to see you at #OSH16!

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Pat Clusman is the Chief Operating Officer at Innovationedge. Follow Pat on Twitter @pclusman. Disclosure: TecDriven, LLC is a client of Innovationedge.

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