Remember those old plaster casts? I remember the discomfort of these casts for broken bones, but here’s an idea that I thought I’d share today: Bone-Aid casts, that I think might make the process of healing broken or fractured bones more comfortable.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.00.06 PM

Photo via Business Insider.

These were designed by students from Tunghai University in China. The casts aren’t for sale yet, but the Industrial Designers Society of America recently selected BoneAid as one of its Gold winners in the 2016 IDSA Awards, in the category of Student Designs:

Called the ‘BoneAid,’ the unique device was made with a flat-pack design that is primarily meant for emergency situations. Whether it is in war, during natural disasters or any other crises of humanity in which medical resources may be limited, these bone casts are made to ease the suffering of those in need. The casts lie flat and it is believed that the average truck can fit 500 of them in one go.

The students say that these bone casts are perfect for people who lack adequate medical access and care, whether it is in poor regions, ones that are dealing with conflict or ones that are facing the consequences of a natural disaster. What do you think? More info via Business Insider.

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