Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.28.02 PMHere’s an exciting invention that uses nanotechnology and 3D printing – as a pen. It’s called CreoPop, and it’s not like most 3D pens I’ve seen.   With CreoPop’s 3D printing pen in hand, you can create multi-dimensional pictures and structures freehand, in real time.

CreoPop uses nanotechnology to provide an exciting range of inks including glittering inks, glow-in-the-dark inks, temperature-sensitive inks, aromatic inks and more.

Co- Founder Andreas Birnik says 3D pens mostly work by melting plastic for the ink, which can make both the pen and ink dangerously hot. But CreoPop uses cool ink and is safe for children to use. The light-sensitive ink is hardened by an adjustable UV light which cures the ink and allows building dimensionally, unlike other 3D pens that melt filaments of plastic to dangerously high temperatures in order to extrude molten plastic.

The cordless design charges via USB. That leaves you free to draw without a cord getting in the way. And CreoPop offers a variety of fun inks that can give your creations extra special effects:

The product’s makers used crowdsourcing to get started, and will target four markets:  3D printing enthusiasts, arts and crafts, the toy market, and the education market with art classes.


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