Consumers of fast food meals are used to the drill: You eat, you throw your garbage away and you leave.  But what about all those styrofoam cups? You can’t recycle expanded polystyrene, and it does not decompose in landfills. Good news:  Chick-fil-A restaurant has found a way to answer that dilemma with an innovative solution. Click here to see it:

The restaurant has been doing this since 2012, when it first decided to do something about waste in the landfills. Here’s what the company says about its dedication to green innovation:

From the beginning it’s been a love-hate relationship. Customers love the foam cup’s ability to keep drinks cold without getting soggy (we get lots of messages about cups), but hate the environmental impact of throwing them away.

So in 2012, Chick-fil-A became the first fast food company to take on polystyrene. Agile entrepreneurs helped us find our way in creating the voluntary foam recycling program many restaurants use today. Foam cups collected from the restaurants that opt in for the program are used to make benches and writing pens.

The process is complex. The journey requires three facilities located across the country. So go ahead, toss your cup – lid, straw, liquid and all – into a foam cup recycling bin, and pull up a seat to see the fascinating process that gives foam cups a second life.  Via Inside Chich-fil-A)

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