As Americans, we’re beginning to adopt green and sustainable fads like reusable shopping bags and refillable water bottles as everyday ordinary lifestyle habits, and that’s a trend that is expected to continue for years to come.

Today’ savvy “green” consumers are paying attention to the green marketing being pitched at them–everything from online data storage services, cookware and pet food are jumping on the eco-bandwagon. But consumers aren’t buying everything green they see. This year the Federal Trade Commission will revise its environmental marketing guidelines to combat something now called “Greenwashing,” or the misleading information and environmental benefits of products or practices many companies have advertised.

Consumers do look for these products as they become more and more caring of the environment, but they still want products that do the job. It isn’t good marketing to sell an environmentally-friendly dish detergent that leaves spots and streaks. According to, this is the year that people are looking for “eco-superior” products.

Quality also needs to last. A cheap disposable product has a short life cycle, and may give off a chemical gas as it sits in the landfill. Many people are embracing antiques and locally-made items like clothing and furniture. These products may last longer, but often cost a little more.

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