Here’s an interesting innovation for your kitchen: an oven that is so automatic, it seems to have a brain.

Actually, it does have a brain, sort of. The IChef  is a touch-controlled computer that has an icon-driven touch screen. The oven is manufactured by European appliance-maker Gorenje. This unique computerized oven was featured this past weekend at the 2011 International LivingKitchen event premiering in Germany.

Imagine finding a recipie, estimating its weight and pressing GO to get cooking. There are apps like MyBake, ProBake and StepBake that allows you to program up to three cooking steps such as defrost, bake and hold warm.

The IChef also has a hot grill in case you wanted to add a sizzle to your food, and a temperature prope to make sure your food’s internal temp is right where you need it to be.  The first IChef ovens will ship in European this spring and overseas in the months to follow. No word yet on the pricetag!

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