If your organization is like most, chances are new challenges require new ways of doing things. I’m hosting a free webinar in a few weeks to show you how you can meet those challenges.

Culture change is critical, but far from easy. This was the case for Holy Family Memorial (HFM) health network. Healthcare is in a seismic transition period, changing from a volume-based to a value-based system of care.  In order to create more value and secure their network’s future viability, HFM’s leaders knew significant changes to its culture were necessary. The actions they took were strong, deliberate, and organization-wide.

Join us online on Thursday, January 26, 2017 for an interactive free webinar Leading Change: How HFM Shaped and Hardwired a New Innovative Culture as Mary Maurer and Laura Fielding share:

  1. How and why HFM began its deliberate journey toward a culture of inspired caring and innovation.
  2. Specific culture shaping tactics for leaders, employees, and physicians.
  3. How they hardwired the “HFM way” (innovation) into the HFM culture.
  4. Results achieved from HFM’s journey.

This is an excellent opportunity for innovation leaders and teams to attend together, ask questions, and gain insight to help create a new, sustainable innovation culture in their own organizations.

Sign up today, spread the word! Online at http://www.roundtable.com/audio-sessions/HFM or call 781-891-8080.

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