Complimentary Live Webinar
Wednesday, March 1, 2017
11am -12 noon EST

I am pleased to join once again with Management Roundtable to present this excellent free webinar.  Companies everywhere are seeking ways to increase the speed of innovation, grow their businesses faster, and do so without too much risk, money, or company resources. One approach The Clorox Company has found quite effective is its Entrepreneur-focused Launchpad program, designed to let entrepreneurs do what they do best while enabling a ‘light-touch’ but meaningful engagement with its network of much smaller firms.

This complimentary live webinar, to be held Wednesday, March 1 from 11am -12 noon EST, will be moderated by me, and features Ken McLellan who heads Clorox’s Entrepreneur program as part of its Technical Partnership strategy and helped start the first Launchpad program for the Burt’s Bees business unit.

He will share how this platform can work for multiple brands, categories, and business models. It is a safe way to engage with early stage, in-market entrepreneurs outside the bounds of typical M&A and licensing channels, but keeps an eye on ROI through partnering or acquisition.

Specifically he will cover:

  1. How the idea was created and pitched to corporate executives. How it got approved when other inventor- and entrepreneur programs have not met expectations.
  2. How Clorox promoted the program to the Naturals Community, including running a campaign, and what the ten finalists received.
  3. How they tailored the program for this Business Unit, and how it might be tailored differently for other, larger business units and brands.
  4. Key lessons learned, and how these lessons are being integrated into future Launchpad programs.

This is an excellent opportunity for innovation leaders and teams to attend together, ask questions, and gain insight to help create a similar program in your own organization. Sign up now – even if you can’t make the live session, you will receive the recording to listen at your convenience.

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