Texas Open Innovation Conference

I am pleased to announce Innovation Edge’s participation in this year’s Texas Open Innovation Conference, a two-day event that will feature innovation experts from across the country. It’s a great opportunity to be part of a forum for models of collaboration and partnerships.

The Conference will take place on March 28th and 29th in Houston, Texas. Business, government, and academia will come together to exchange knowledge and advance technology and ideas.

I’ll be kicking off Day One of the conference with my presentation on Open Innovation Strategy. I’ll be sharing with leaders my experience in working with companies who want to successfully forge those alliances that work together, side by side, to bring new ideas, products and services into the marketplace.

Specifically, I will provide participants with new knowledge, skills, and tools for open innovation, including:

  • Strategic approaches for delivering new products, partnerships, and potential solution pathways as well as defining how to minimize risk.
  • Leadership behaviors and values to help those in today’s global environment to create an organizational culture of embracing open innovation from the outside, and inspiring and motivating team members.
  • How to Prevent “Innovation Fatigue,” a strategy to give teams the tools they need to build trust in the value of open innovation while managing risks on schedules, cost, and quality of outputs to achieve balance.

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