Imagine being far from civilization with a fully-charged smart phone from an energy source you can carry with you!  Help may be on the way, thanks to this invention. The Micro Wind Turbine is a portable energy source for remote regions and enables people to charge USB devices from just about anywhere.

The Micro Wind Turbine was tested in the Swiss Alps. Check out this video showing the fully functional prototype:

According to inventor Nils Ferber,

The construction of the vertical axis rotor is based on the principle of tension and compression and unfolds within seconds by simply pulling the telescopic shaft apart. It can capture the wind from all directions and is directly mounted to the generator axis that is placed in the lower part of the shaft. The produced energy will either be stored in an integrated battery pack or can be used directly to charge devices on the built-in USB port.

The current design is opimized to be used for smaller USB devices and can be handled by one single person. It produces a constant output of 5 Watts at a windspeed of 18 km/h. Nevertheless, the system is easily scaleable and the size could be adapted for varying scenarios or a communal use.

Ferber says he is now looking for partners to develop the concept further and refine it towards a marketable product.

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