Cheryl Perkins will be speaking at Innova-Con: Innovation in Military Aviation 2020, the premier, interactive training workshop for senior leaders in military aviation. This immersive event will be held on September 9-11, 2020 at the Holiday Inn Solomons Island, Maryland. It will bring together an outstanding faculty to provide participants with innovation leadership insights, skill-building activities, and new solutions in an accelerated format. Key themes include the role of continuous innovation in agile, sustainable operations, multi-generational considerations, overcoming barriers to innovation, and more.

Cheryl will be kicking off the Innovation Culture and Climate section of the event on September 10th. Her talk Building a Culture of Excellence and Engagement will focus on the make-or-break factors necessary to reach America’s youth, an increasingly important challenge in today’s economy. These factors include:

  1. Defining what climate and culture means to them; their role in advancing the organization and their own career
  2. Creating value for them and the organization: physical, cognitive, social, cultural, and emotional drivers
  3. Determining their personal tolerance for risk
  4. Change readiness – are they ready to accept change and “own” it personally?
  5. Identifying the right skillsets and personality traits

Participants will come away with leadership guidelines to embed a culture of excellence across the entire organization as a core value. A complete documented set of outputs from all workshop sessions (including the interactive exercises) will be provided.

To learn more about the event and to register, visit

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