While we are giving thanks during the continuing pandemic for our families and for all those important things in our lives, we might also think about all the important professional relationships that we have been so fortunate to develop and experience over our careers.  Professionally, I am very thankful for many of the outstanding leaders that I have interacted with during this tough time.  It is hard to find exceptional leaders that focus on what is right – for their organizations, people and community and not just on their own personal gain.  I have been lucky enough to interact professionally, personally and through my efforts with several leaders who do just that.  These interactions and relationships have been very rewarding.

There are common elements that I have seen across this group of leaders.  These elements include but are no means limited to the following traits.  I have found these leaders to:

  • Set a clear vision for their organization and then allow their leaders and teams to execute against that vision
  • Develop their talent through selective hiring based on the skills required, and through continued training, development and mentoring
  • Lead significant enterprise-wide change initiatives through internal and external collaboration and through influence
  • Focus on capability building while allowing their teams to deliver business results

These leaders leverage the facts at hand and use intuition and judgment to make smart decisions.  In advancing the efforts of their organization.  They are not fearful of taking rational risk, knowing that it takes risk to lead to rewards. 

I have observed many leaders in real life situations during the Pandemic where they have had to make quick decisions without being totally informed.  They know that you can never be totally informed and can’t be paralyzed by indecision.  Even though they may be forced outside their comfort zone, they make the decision and move forward.  I have even observed where this behavior has stretched their thinking and capabilities.

All of these leaders including myself have experienced the value of relationships.  It is amazing how many times you need to tap your network for collaboration, capabilities and advice.  You can’t succeed on your own. 

I’m fortunate enough to be able to count on some amazing leaders, business partners and community leaders as advisors in my professional life. Your network is a advantage and if it includes exceptional leaders then it becomes a huge advantage.

You often find that many of these individuals and leaders are facing the same challenges that you may be are regardless of the industry or organization you are in.  Sharing ideas with each other and learning from each other’s experiences is just one more thing that I am certainly thankful for during this time of uncertainty!


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