The 7 Success Factors That Lead to Transformational Change

Throughout The Secret Sauce for Leading Transformational Change Panel with C-Sweet, we explored the success factors that lead to transformational change and how to develop a highly dynamic organization. Each of our esteemed panelists shared their own unique experiences, thoughts, and practical advice on this topic to help leaders not only deal with periods of

Product and Technology Development

Is your organization looking for ways to improve your existing products and expand your brand? Like many organizations, you’re probably under pressure to improve your existing products, create new products and extend your brand equity into new spaces where you do not compete today. Competitors, National Brands or Private Label manufacturers are keeping you up

Organizational Effectiveness

The Organizational Effectiveness service area is focused on creativity and innovation methods; personality assessments; team building; and organizational assessment, development, and effectiveness. Different thinking styles are leveraged to help individuals problem-solve with a variety of tools that create new options in response to problems and challenges. Creative Thinking Introduction (Definition, Roadblocks) Creative Thinking Foundation (Divergence,

Open Innovation Strategies

This consulting area is focused on helping organizations expand its innovation and growth capabilities through working with partners and networks of other enterprises. Leaders must define internal processes to identify business challenges, seek out partners, and manage the resulting relationships. Organizational structure definitions: Review boards Innovation Councils Communities of Practice Management strategies Skills assessments and evaluations

Intellectual Assets

Innovationedge helps inventors, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs bring their ideas to market, strengthen their intellectual asset strategy, develop marketing plans, and make the necessary connections with others to achieve success. Service areas include: Analysis of potential market spaces for an invention Intellectual property protection guidance including patent support Identification and prioritization of potential partners for commercialization

Circuit of Innovation®

When Innovationedge is asked to serve as the agent for a client with a marketable invention, Innovationedge typically takes the approach we call completing the “Circuit of Innovation®” to connect the innovations to the marketplace. Typically, the goal is to find partners who wish to license or acquire the innovation. In this approach, much of which is

Help for Inventors

So you have an idea? Your first step should be to document, detail, and protect your idea. Your research and development efforts may need protection using patents or other forms of intellectual property. Don’t share your idea until you have done some patentability searching and prior art searching. You may need to do some patent