We’re incredibly excited about the response to our new book, Conquering Innovation Fatigue: Overcoming Barriers to Personal and Corporate Success.

My colleagues and co-authors Jeff Lindsay of Innovationedge and Mukund Karanjikar PHD of Technology Holding wrote the book for inventors, entrepreneurs, researchers and leaders seeking success through innovation.

We set out to reveal the sometimes hidden “innovation fatigue factors” (there are nine of these barriers we’ve identified), that can block the path to innovation success. Not only do we identify them for the reader, we explain practical ways to overcome them.

We also wanted to personalize this journey by taking a unique look from each of our own perspectives at the challenges innovators face. We draw upon case studies of success and advances in innovation theory and practice to show how innovation can be energized to conquer innovation fatigue.

Check out the book reviews and order a copy for yourself here! Our hope is that the book will show you that understanding and overcoming these barriers is vital not only to you, as an inventor, entrepreneur, or researcher, but also to business leaders, licensing professionals, IP professionals, corporations, and even leaders of nations!


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