During a recent snowstorm, I took the above photo of a traffic light not far from our Innovationedge offices in Neenah, Wisconsin. Thanks to heavy, wet snow, the traffic signals were largely hidden. I saw it as a metaphor for what happens when times of economic chill blind entrepreneurs and businesses to the opportunities around them. A downpour of discouraging economic data and fear can pile up like snow on a traffic light and obscure the green light of opportunity that otherwise could be telling you to move ahead. The lesson is not to just plow ahead, nor is it to remain at a standstill until the chill ends, but to learn to look for the fainter clues that show the true color of the largely hidden glow.

This may be the right time to move ahead for the opportunity before you. Indeed, many great companies have their roots in times of economic recession. While others are cutting back on innovation and preparing to put their companies permanently in park, those who invest in innovation now will have the decisive advantage and be miles ahead of the competition when the chill ends. Look closely – there may be a green glow under all that snow.

At Innovationedge, we’ll work with you to find the glow and understand the opportunities you face. Let us help you plan and prepare for your journey with our innovation roadmap services and other strategic tools. The intersection you’re parked at may provide an exciting avenue to opportunity-if you have the right help to know which way to turn and where to go. Give us a call today! Talk to Cheryl or any of the Innovationedge staff at 920-967-0470 to learn more.

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