What company in its right mind would ever admit to the world that its product was awful? In what many might call  a risky move, Domino’s Pizza delivered the tough truth and customers were thrilled. We’ve all seen how Domino’s “got real” in commercials launched last December that openly admitted why their pizza recipe needed big improvements.

The company paid millions of dollars for its Pizza Turnaround Campaign, airing their customers’ biggest complaints about “cardboard crust,” and “ketchup-like sauce.”  The commercials then showed real Domino’s employees working  to create something better.

The commercials attracted curiosity at first, and then rave reviews. Go check out their pizzaturnaround.com site to see what I mean. Domino’s is brave enough to display all the news coverage and Twitter comments–whether good or bad.

The risk paid off, and Domino’s reported last month that its fourth-quarter profits rose to $23.6 million–more than double last year’s figure. And franchisees report store sales are up 1.4 percent.

With all the corporate scandals and big bailouts that have made headlines these past few years, I find that kind of honesty refreshing. Apparently, so do pizza lovers.

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